Safe Sheep

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Hello Parents, welcome to the SAFE SHEEP program!

SAFE SHEEP is a "safe touch" and general safety program for primary grades. Every Catholic school and parish in the United States is mandated by a recent Charter of the Bishops to present touching safety to our children. Many of our teachers, priests and catechists have been somewhat uncomfortable teaching this sensitive subject material.

SAFE SHEEP was developed by a dad who has served as a parish Youth Minister and Director of Religious Education. Todd Gale brings this topic to DVD using his background as a professional ventriloquist and school show performer. Todd delivers this sensitive material with the candor and humor that connects well with kids. It is short, to-the-point, and engaging. There is visual reinforcement of key words, a recap of key points after each segment, and some follow up guides for the classroom.

Two of the most important elements of the program are 1) everything is done for the teacher, so there is almost NO preparation needed. It is short and simple. We can get across the important messages, and yet not take vital time away from the rest of the class priorities! 2) Parents can watch the DVD presentations! Click the video above. But please IF YOU PREVIEW THE VIDEOS BEFORE THE KIDS SEE IT IN CLASS, PLEASE DON'T LET THEM WATCH WITH YOU. It's important that the students watch it together in school. AFTER they watch it in class, if you want to review it with them, please do.

Thank you & Enjoy!

Todd Gale
TAG Productions

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